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Elizabeth writes:

Subject: About Rapture timing

I listen to your radio show every Monday. I think Rexella is a dear person. May G-d bless you both. I am listening to Pastor Carter on the Seventh Day Adventist Channel and surprised to note that they cannot understand the rapture timing. According to them that all will go under the tribulation. I do believe that he is not dissecting the Thessalonian edification/warnings. The great tribulation is more or less for those who did not walk worthy with G-d, for the pagans, and for the elect. It is dangerous to add and delete from the book of revelation. Also, I discuss with the Jewish folks about the temple building. According to the Orthodox community, they are going to build the temple once the Meshiach arrives and that they are not building the temple, but the outsiders. I explain to them the chapters from the Ezekiel 40 etc., and they are still roaming in Egypt and the wilderness. I have requested them to get out of that big wall and wilderness and to travel outside so that they may recognize the beauty of G-d's warnings to all of us. The temple is Meshiach Himself. He does not need a building, because He is the Shekinah Glory that brightens the New Jerusalem. I am so disappointed with both groups. May G-d show his Long Suffering to the children of Israel.

Comment provided March 09, 2009 at 10:40 pm

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