What is New-List?

Are You A List-Owner Who Needs To Get The Word Out?

New-List allows you to get a free announcement of your New-List to a targeted list of folks who have asked to receive prompt notifications of when New-Lists are created. This is not 'spam' (which is the sending of unsolicited emails), but rather the sending of new-list announcements to opt-in lists that folks have asked to be on. All together, 15,700+ members receive New-List announcements via email.

Benefits of announcing your list with New-List

  • Great & fast exposure for your new list!
  • This valuable service is free.
  • Thousands of folks who are interested about your topic will hear about your new list.
  • Many list of list directories owners are on many of the New-List lists, which means your New-List submission may also get listed in their lists of lists, giving you additional free exposure.
  • Use's service to help you grow your list, so that you get a higher return from your list building efforts.

Do You Like To Be Notified Whenever New-Lists Are Launched?

While there are other New-List announcement services, there are none quite like the New-List service. This Free service takes New-List announcements to another level, by allowing you to select between 20 different categories of special interest to you, so that you only get the New-List announcements that are relevant to you.

New-List saves you time, and allows you to zero in on only the new-list announcements that you want to know about.

The History Of New-List Service

Started in 1998, as a service to announce new-lists, New-List's unique offering is its ability to allow you to customize which New-Lists you'd like to be informed about. You can choose from 20 different categories, or choose to receive all of them.

New-List's service is provided by Christopher M Knight, and the EmailUniverse service team. This service was originally designed to be 'fee-based', but after launching, was switched to advertising supported, in order to provide this valuable service free of charge to the Internet community.

So, your next step is to become a member of the New-List service, by joining one or all of the 20 separate New-List categories, and if you've got a New-List which has not been announced yet, click here to read the guidelines of posting your list, and send it on to us for distribution to the New-List members who are waiting to hear about your New-List.

Here's To Your New-List Success!

Christopher M. Knight

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