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roughNotes -

Thu, 23 Mar 2000 15:47:33 -0600
roughNotes -
SoftWare Reviews/suggestions/tips:
The roughNotes MailList is primarily set up to cater and assist users of
Windows applications/programs. With the vast number of programs easily
available on the net, getting "good and useful" programs to have and upon
one's computer is indeed quite a hard choice to decide.
With roughNotes, it is sincerely hope that members can help other members
in making their computers to be more productive by way of tips, tricks,
tweaks, workarounds, shortcuts, reviews, suggestions, recommendations
All members are encouraged to participate by sharing their experiences and
roughNotes is configured as "restricted" meaning that all subscriptions to
the list will have to be approved by the ListOwner. This is set to avoid
spams and to cut down on general bandwidth and to focus on subject matter.

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Owner: ronong

Submitted On: 2000-03-23


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