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reasontogether - Spiritual Journaling and Shared Reading

This group has two parts to it. Everyone in the group
participates in a sacred text journal, documenting through posts
and discussion what sacred texts are being written. This part of
the group will also share from personal spiritual experiences
through writing prompts and group dialogue. The book related to
this part of the group is Bobbi Parish's Create Your Personal
Sacred Text. A subgroup will be doing a shared reading of a
sacred text in various faiths. We will begin reading A Course In
Miracles and A Return to Love in July. Dialogues will be posted
to the list. Participation is encouraged. Polls are created to
help choose the future text to be read in the shared group. The
group is moderated and tolerance is encouraged.

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Owner: Satia

Submitted On: 2002-06-07


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