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jabber-users - Discussion list for Jabber-users

jabber-users - Discussion list for Jabber-users:
Jabber is a completely open source, cross platform, feature rich, developer
friendly, standards compliant IM platform. By upholding the standards of
groups such as the IETF IMPP group, as well as creating a
"translation" system between IM networks, Jabber promotes increased
progress and frees users from negotiating which platform to use so they can
focus on the point of IM: communication. To paraphrase an oft over-used
song, this is the end of instant messaging as we know it.
A Mailing List for the users of Jabber - the open source, open
architechture, instant messaging system. While developers are always
welcome, this list is mainly for the users and administrators of
jabber servers around the world. (For more information on Jabber and what's

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Owner: Tee Emm

Submitted On: 2000-05-18


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