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eComStrat - ECommerce Strategy

eComStrat - ECommerce Strategy:
eComStrat is a mixed European and North American
discussion list on the strategic aspects of electronic
commerce. It deals with the organisational, commercial,
economic, cultural and political aspects of the subject,
and is free of commercials, advice on ISPs, details of
EDI and XML standards and all such low-level minutiae.
It's new but the people in it are of high quality. The
list is informally linked to the free online newsletter,
eComWatch, on the same topics

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To subscribe to eComStrat, send a message to with "subscribe ecomstrat" yourname@youraddress (without the quote marks) in the body of the message. Leave "subject" blank. You'll get a welcome message and the URL for the FAQ in response.

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Owner: Christopher Ogg

Submitted On: 1999-09-10


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