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Almost everyone suffers from The Fear of Being Fabulous(tm) and consequently feel held back, depressed, and frustrated. Then when they attempt to break free, anxiety holds them back.

Our weekly "Be Fabulous" Newsletter always includes a feature article we've written to inspire greater freedom in your life like "Positive Thinking is NOT Enough" and "The Closer Your Success...." And our "Fabulous Opportunities" section includes lots of free and some for-fee life-changing suggestions to help you create your Fabulous Life.

If you're ready to Overcome the Fear of Being Fabulous, our "Be Fabulous" Newsletter is perfect for you.

Written by:
Husband and wife psychology team
Judith Sherven, PhD and
Jim Sniechowski, PhD

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Owner: Judith Sherven & Jim Sniechowski

Submitted On: 2007-01-18


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