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Yehovah-rapha, the healing list - Open to Christians of all traditions

Yehovah-rapha, the healing list - Open to Christians of all traditions:
Yehovah-rapha is a public, moderated, discussion list open to Christians
of all traditions who:
1. Seek healing in body, in spirit and soul
2. Seek biblical answers to sickness and disease
3. Distrust the philosophy of secular modern medicine
4. Seek a more excellent way
5. Believe in prayer
6. Believe God has made provisions for healing
7. Have experienced divine healing
8. Seek healing in God's garden (plant kingdom)
God declares Himself to be Yehovah rapha (our healer) in Exodus 15:26.
The problem is not that God said it, but rather in how much we are willing
to believe Him. Yehovah rapha is a list dedicated to healing from the
Christian perspective. The purpose of Yehovah-rapha is not to change
church doctrine, but rather to put God back in the healing process.
Discussion of specific Church doctrine is off-limits.

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