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Writer's Open Workshop - Resources for Writers

Writer's Open Workshop - Resources for Writers:
Resource Centre - Total Success Resources
Welcome to the Writer's Open Workshop (WOW!) a new and
unique division of Regent Publications, your premier
source for information, training, advice and publishing
opportunities. Most people start out thinking that
freelancing is easy and all they have to do is submit
a few ideas and they are going to get thousands of
orders for their products and be able to retire rich.
In reality you need to be able to attract new customers,
give them real value for money, be able to follow-up and
respond to all your customers and prospects effectively,
be persistent in your efforts, make it easy for them
to find you and make their order, all while you are
trying to source the information you need to effectively
market your work to the several million other potential
customers. WOW! has already completed all of this research
and development for you, and has put together a very
impressive range of tools, products and services that
will aid and assist you in your search for success.

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Submitted On: 1999-10-04


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