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World's Best-Kept Secrets Revealed! -

Thu, 18 May 2000 15:33:23 -0500
"World's Best-Kept Secrets Revealed!" -
Newsletter of secrets and inside
"World's Best-Kept Secrets Revealed!"
Newsletter is a virtual gold mine where you can discover the most amazing,
mind-boggling, jealously guarded secrets about wealth, people, business,
health, personal power, success strategies, sexuality, nutrition, leisure,
love, careers, relationships, consumer matters and practically everything
-nugget after nugget of sizzling, fascinating and eye-opening revelations
delivered to your e-mail box every week.
A few current articles include:
*The Irresistible Secret of Youth: Make
Your Cells Grow Younger with Magical Auxinon Foods;
*Raise your IQ by 10
points instantly!
*The Secret of Auriculotherapy: Increase Sexual
Desire by Applying Pressure on a Secret Spot on your Outer Ear. (Turn it
off by pressing on another spot.)
*How To Drive a Free Luxury Car of Your
Choice Every Year
*Bicycle Seats Put Women in the Mood for Love
Ingredients of the World's Best Chefs
*The Top 10 Secrets to Becoming
Irresistibly Attractive
*How to Get the Best Table at a Restaurant
*Secret Formulas for Making Useful Products - from Invisible Ink to Vitamin
*How to Spot Which Slot Machines in a Casino are Most Likely to Pay
Off Big Money
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