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Wise Net - Cyber Philosophy:

Wise Net - Cyber Philosophy:
Philosophy is moving to cyberspace. The Internet,
exploding with energy and dynamism, presents
extraordinary opportunities for philosophical
research, dissemination, exchange, and transformation.
Every month sees an astonishing increase of 100,000
new users! There are well over 50 Million people on
the Internet in the US alone! And in the next several
years, Internet access will rise to 250 Million world-wide!
The invention of the printing press propagated profound
cultural and intellectual consequences. Today, with the
Internet, we are in the midst of a revolution of far
greater significance. Swept along with the tide, it is
not easy to step back and reflect on this extraordinary
transformation. But if we are to participate thoughtfully,
and not as so much helpless flotsam, we it is vital to do so.
Wise Net is an open forum devoted to the discussion of issues
surrounding the presence of philosophy on the Internet. Is
the very nature of the philosophical enterprise being altered
by this radically new medium? Are the changes entirely positive?
Do the immediacy and rapidity of electronic exchange preclude
depth of thought? Is there a message in the medium? Does the
medium in any way distort the message? Is anything lost in the
transposition of philosophy from the paper text into the digital

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