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Winning Auction Tips

My name is Dennis Hardy. Many people in the internet marketing circle already know me from my membership site. What many of them don't know is that I'm also an avid eBay buyer and seller.

Over the years, I've collected thousands of payments through eBay auctions. I've sold items such as nutritional supplements, CD's, DVD's, knives, toys, antiques, bikes, books, collectibles, baseball cards, cameras, books, ebooks, crafts...even BEANIE BABIES! You name it, and I've sold it. I've had days when I've helped the UPS man load 100 packages into his truck. We were both sweating!

eBay is such an incredible marketplace. Over 2 million people report eBay as a primary, secondary, or supplemental source of income. There are many books, ebooks, and various publications on the subject of eBay. There is a lot of advice out there...but most of the authors don't have any "real world" experience. I am a REAL person, that has made REAL money on eBay.

I invite you to join my FREE newsletter where I'll reveal the strategies, tips, secrets, and sources that I have personally used to sell thousands of items on eBay. As a free gift, I'll provide you with a link where you can view the top 500 sellers on ebay. You'll be able to view every product they currently have for sale...and everything they have sold over the past 3 months.

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Owner: Dennis Hardy

Submitted On: 2006-07-13


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