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Why Tobacco? Quit Smoking Newsletter - Methods, Support

Fri, 3 Dec 1999 14:43:34 -0600
Why Tobacco? Quit Smoking Newsletter - Methods, Support
Inspiration For Quitting:
Why Tobacco? Quit Smoking Newsletter
Tobacco is responsible for 400,000 deaths a year in the US.
That's reason enough for making the effort to quit. But the
reasons for quitting are well known by most everyone. What
everybody would like to know is how?
If there was a surefire answer to that question then there
would be no smokers. What works for one won't necessarily
work for another. We are all individuals.
Subscribing to this newsletter will be a significant first
step for you if you have a desire to quit. The articles on
quitting methods, friendly support and general information
will be extremely helpful to you. If you also decide to join
the discussion list you can have instant contact with other
subscibers. Quitting tobacco is a tough journey. But any
journey begins with the first step. take that first step.
Subscribe to Why Tobacco now.
Remember this:
If you think you can; you're right.
If you think you can't; you're also right.

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Owner: Jim Bolding

Submitted On: 1999-12-03


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