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WedPro - Wedding Professionals Discussion List

WedPro - Wedding Professionals Discussion List:
The wedpro mailing list is for Wedding Professionals
throughout the US to exchange ideas and thoughts about the
field of Weddings. If you are a Photographer, Videographer, Disc Jockey,
Band member, Florist, Caterer, Dress maker, etc...or if you have anything
to do with dealing with weddings on a
regular basis, this list may be for
you. We will discuss different styles, pet peeves, likes, dislikes etc.
Perhaps you confront a particular problem at many weddings that you want
to discuss. That is what the wedpro list is for. The wedpro list will not
be moderated, however, there is a very strict No Flaming rule. The
boundaries in each situation will be decided by the
listowner. If there are problems whether they be on list of off, please
contact the list owner to settle the dispute. I do
think that we could make one day a day for advertisements, however, as I
have said above, not blatant spam. Each person will be allowed ONE post
PER WEDNESDAY. This would include the same address for different marketing
ideas or businesses.It would also include the same business idea or
marketing methods from different addresses. I don't want to see the same
one coming from three or more addresses. Absolutely NO multi level
advertising. This includes, but is not limited to AMWAY or any other
business like it. It includes chain mail, or sales of so called
"directions or reports" for learning how to market. If any member does not
follow the advertising directions, they would then be put on moderate and
after the second offense, they would be removed from the list.

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Owner: L. Brodeur

Submitted On: 2000-11-07


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