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Web Site with all the extras! - The Internets Superhighway of Info!

Web Site with all the extras! - The Internets
Superhighway of Info!:
Welcome....At we strive to provide our
visitors with an interactive atmosphere that will keep
them entertained,informed and up-to-date on the latest
etc....We also want user input to make our "NEW" site
even better! We're in the process of creating an online
computer store of our own where users can purchase
computers at what our customers say are the best prices
anywhere! We'd like to be able to setup a "Shopping Mall"
type atmosphere on our site where the small business man
can get his two cents in and actually sell his wares
rather than just post them! But we need user HELP in
accomplishing this task! We need you guys to send us
your input,ideas, and even your favorite links so we
can make our site even better! Recently we setup an
Instant Add-A-Link page to our site where users can
add a link automatically to their web site instantly!
We also added a "FREE" Homepage creator to our site;
it's not as fancy as what the big dogs have; but it
will be... soon! We setup our own E-card site and we
have a 1 of a kind selection of animated E-cards that
we created ourselves!We have a Classified Page that
we call the "Resale Shop" where our users can list
items they'd like to sell, FREE! We setup a Virtual
Business Card Center where users can postcreate an
online business card for all to see; FREE! We created
the easiest Search Center that will very,very quickly
let you search any of the larger search engines data
from one search window on our site! Were in the process
of getting together a massive collection of Designware,
Freeware, Non Expiring Shareware for our users to download;
of which; we have a few great programs available right now!
Within the next couple of weeks we are going to setup and
be offering complete web sites with a subdomain title like
your_site.rt40.comYEP! You got it FREE! We'd like to get
some Ideas from you guys as to what were doing right and
what were doing wrong so STOP BY and drop us an email with
you thoughts!

To Join: On our homepage there is a list subscribe/ unsubscribe box near the bottom of the page! If you do subscribe your only gonna recieve email from us! Nobody else is gonna wind up with your address!

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Submitted On: 1999-12-10


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