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Way of the Wizard

The Path of transformation
The "Way Of The Wizard" is the path which brings us to a higher knowledge
of our relationship to the universe and leads us to a Transformation
which reveals a level of being beyond that which we call the ego. Some
call this state "Enlightenment." This is a place for people to come to be
inspired, learn and grow in wisdom and understanding about the spiritual
life. Topics include: Comparative Religion, Writings of the Christian
Mystics, Gnostic Gospels, Buddism, Taoism, Hindusim, Works of Rumi, J.
Krishnamurti, Alan Watts, Ram Dass, Jack Kornfield to name a few. Also
inspirational poetry, quotes of wisdom and self-help greats such as
Anthony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer and Guy Finley will be

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