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Trivia Challenge - Daily trivia question

Trivia Challenge - Daily trivia question:
Help your brain wake up every weekday with the Trivia
Challenge. Send your answer in via email and get the
correct answer delivered to your inbox. Amaze your
friends and impress your co-workers when you are featured
in the next day's issue as a trivia genius. Warning: the
Trivia Challenge is NOT for wimps. These aren't recycled
questions from other ezines. Our readers say our
questions are tougher... and they say that's a good
thing! So if you think you're up to the challenge, or if
you'd just like to lurk and learn new and interesting
facts, join Trivia Challenge.

To Join:

Subscribe via the form at the web site, or send email to: In the body of the message type: subscribe trivia-challenge

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Owner: Karen Weber

Submitted On: 1999-12-30


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