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Weekly, HTML, focusing on Sci-Fi, Tech, Misc.
Trisectorum is an HTML newsletter delivered right to your email every
week. The name, translated from Latin, literally means "three sections",
which are Science-Fiction, Technology, and Miscellanea. One of the nicest
things about it is that it has a very nice, clean HTML format, instead of
just text. You get organized and colorful issues without an extensive
download time. The articles are well written, and are usually between 1-3
paragraphs each. (about the size of this announcement) Put it all
together, and you get an ezine of perfect size and shape. Trisectorum is
also "interactive", in this case meaning you can submit things to be put
in issues. Links, stories, and reviews are all fair game. If you have any
questions, please visit our Web site.
every issue.

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Owner: Taylor Morgan

Submitted On: 2001-10-26


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