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ThreeRules - Nothing is off-topic

ThreeRules - Nothing is off-topic:
Are you tired of list with rules after rule after rule?
Well, this list
has only three rules.
No Spamming, No email viruses, and No one under 18
That's it.
It doesn't matter what you talk about.
You can
talk about anything.
Ok, for example, you can talk about how much you
hate your boss.
You can also talk about how much you love your kids.
How much you hate Marilyn Manson.
How much you love Britney Spears.
How much you like Farscape.
How much you hate N'SYNC
How much you love
How much you hate horror movies.
How much you hate changing
You can talk about the fantasy world you live in.
You can
also talk about Star Wars.
You can also talk about your boring or wild
Say how much you like the Rock.
Talk about anything you want.
You can bitch, whine, cry, tease, flirt, curse, trash, flame, pout, joke,
laugh, or date.
This is your list.
You can say whatever you want.
Any person can join.
No matter, shape, !
size, weight, color, sexual preferance, occupation, gender, background,
etc. Lurkers are not welcome.
Don't be afraid to introduce yourself.
Nothing is off-topic here. Stop holding back and join already.

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Owner: I do

Submitted On: 2000-10-06


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