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The Tom Cruise Estrogen Brigade - Talk about Tom Cruise!

The Tom Cruise Estrogen Brigade - Talk about Tom Cruise!:
Welcome to the Tom Cruise Estrogen Brigade!
Don't let the name fool you,
guys are welcome here too!
Everybody's welcome here to talk about Tom
Cruise and all the terrific entertainment he's provided us with in his
What's your favorite movie?
Do you think it was a real crime
that he wasn't even nominated for an Oscar for his performance in Rain
Come on in and tell us what you think!
Tom's movies: Minority Report, Mission: Impossible 1
2, Magnolia, Eyes
Wide Shut, Jerry Maguire, Interview with a Vampire, The Firm, A Few Good
Men, Far and Away, Days of Thunder, Born on the Fourth of July, Cocktail,
Rain Man, Top Gun, The Color of Money, Legend, Losin' It, All the Right
Moves, The Outsiders, Risky Business, Endless Love, Taps and did you know
he was in Young Guns?
He stopped by the set to visit his fellow Brat Pack
friends and wanted to be in the movie since he'd never been in a western

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Submitted On: 2000-06-16


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