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The Power Report

The articles will be short, entertaining and action-orientated. They will cover topics I deal with every day as a publisher of books, newsletters, reports and courses. What sort of things?

Well, I already have plans for articles on:

* Property bargains.
* Paying off all your debts including your mortgage quickly and easily.
* How to protect yourself against the forthcoming recession (and how to make money from it, when it comes).
* Rock memorabilia.
* How anyone can become a professional writer.
* Making money from public speaking.
* Slashing your tax bill.
* Moving overseas to live in the sun.
* Boosting your confidence.
* Boosting your immune system.

I suppose what I am really trying to say is that the publication will be eclectic. It will cover things I am interested in myself.

Want to know how to claim a grant for starting a business, improving your home, education, sports, travel or research? Want to learn how to spot a valuable first edition in charity shops, second hand bookshops etc? Want to discover about becoming an eBay dealer (something that earns me over £1,000 a month for a few hours work a week)? Want to slash the cost of your travel and get lots of free upgrades so that you can fly to New York first class for £300 or take a luxury Egyptian holiday for £260? Want to transform your memory so that you never, ever again forget a name, place, event, person, face, number, quotation or anything else and passing exams or learning a language becomes – to quote my 8 year old nephew – easy peasey lemon squeezy? Want to…oh, you get the idea.

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Submitted On: 2006-07-06


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