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The OYESUCAN Ezine - A Free Weekly Newsletter for Internet marketing

The OYESUCAN Ezine - A Free Weekly Newsletter for Internet marketing:
To discuss, comment, focus and publish information about E-Commerce. Our
goal, is to be the one from whom you can choose to gather e-marketing
strategies and how to implement them in the ever increasing and changing
electronic market place. This ezine is designed to encourage advertising,
promotion and involvement for all subscribers doing businesses on the
The typical subscriber/reader is a college educated professional in the 35
to 45 age group. However, we have recently experienced increased
subscriptions from the retirement age group. The fastest growing group to
enter the Internet community.
The "O YES U CAN Ezine" is published every Sunday at 11:00 P.M.. CST, USA.
We also, issue special reports 2-3 times weekly. The Special Reports
include any breaking Internet news, outstanding posts to our Forum and/or
special announcements from our Sponsors.
Why Subscribe To The "O YES U CAN Ezine"?
The "O YES U CAN Ezine" is committed to delivering the very best in
informative articles, tips and tools for the E-Commerce entrepreneur. A
platform to exchange ideas, a storehouse of professional secrets and a
vehicle to promote your product or service. Join the other 19,000+
satisfied subscribers.
The "O YES U CAN Ezine" is supported by Strategic Marketing Concepts, Inc.
An online/offline direct marketing corporation, promoting products and
services worldwide. Our online success would not be possible without the
Sponsors of the individual issues.
We try very hard to keep Fluff and Hype to a minimum. To that extent we
only accept 3 sponsor ads per issue. We also have a classified section,
dedicated to promoting affiliated businesses. All classified ads have 7
lines, instead of the industry standard of 5. This insures the ezine
maintains a professional image and keeps overly hyped ads to a minimum.
business. "Welcome to the Information Super Highway." If you want to know
more about e-marketing, if you want to increase your business...I invite
you to come and enjoy the many strategies The "O YES U CAN Ezine"

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Submitted On: 2000-09-22


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