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The I-Barter Discussion List - Discussions of all trade/barter topics

The I-Barter Discussion List - Discussions of all trade/barter topics:
I-Barter is a moderated list for business people who want to
trade ideas on getting more business through trade/barter. It is
emailed in digest format.
Subjects that would be typical for the list would be:
* How to negotiate trades
* How to tell a good trade from a bad one - before it's done.
* Barter as a complement to business networking
* Using barter to get profits from excess inventory
* How to barter for advertising
* Barter resources - on-line and off-line
* Using barter to boost your online business
* Trade/Barter exchanges
* Types of trade/barter
If you're interested in trade/barter as a way to build your business,
or for personal advantages, this list is for you!

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Owner: Michael S. DeVries

Submitted On: 1999-09-09


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