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The Defy Aging Newsletter - Advice on psychological aspects of longevity

The Defy Aging Newsletter - Advice on psychological aspects of longevity:
Are you ready to live decades longer than your parents? You probably will.
The U.S.Census Bureau estimates we will have 1.2 million centenarians by
For some people these additional decades will be characterized by
disability, depression, and pain. For others it will be a purposeful time
of vitality and continuous renewal. 70% of longevity is mental and
lifestyle. The Defy Aging Newsletter Gives advice on what it takes
mentally to live a very long, healthy, happy life.
In the every other week column psychologist and life coach Michael
Brickey, Ph.D., ABPP addresses one aspect of attitudes, beliefs or coping
skills that foster longevity. Dr. Brickey is the author of Defy Aging:
Develop the Mental and Emotional Vitality to Live Longer, Healthier, and
Happier Than You Ever Imagined. The book is critically acclaimed by Dr.
Bernie Siegel
an excellent road map,
Betty Friedan
I highly recommend
everyone over 40 read it,
Dr. Darma Singh Khalsa,
a must read,
and many
others. Ronald Klatz, MD, DO, President and Founder of the American
Academy on Anti-Aging Medicine said,
Defy Aging has successfully achieved
the near impossible task of distilling thousands of scientific articles
and hundreds of books into one easy to read compendium of anti-aging
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