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The DVD-DAILY Magazine - DVD New Release Announcements

Mon, 25 Oct 1999 11:32:37 -0500
The DVD-DAILY Magazine - DVD New Release Announcements
Twice weekly the DVD-DAILY delivers via email free DVD
coming attraction and new DVD announcements, news on the
latest DVD technical and market developments, and a slew
of capsule and detailed DVD reviews. With a subscription
to the DVD-DAILY, readers can find out:
- Which DVDs will be released in coming weeks, as well as
on what date;
- What format the titles will be in (e.g., Letterbox, pan
scan, Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Surround);
- What added features each title has (e.g., Audio
commentaries, Making Of documentaries, foreign
languages and subtitles);
- Which newly released titles the editors consider as Gotta
Have, which they recommend as collectibles, or which they
feel are just good rental choices;
- What the latest technology developments in DVD players, home
theater systems, and digital video will soon mean to them.

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Send an email to MAJORDOMO@REDBANK.NET with the subject SUBSCRIBE DVD-DAILY HTML, for an HTML version of the ezine, or SUBSCRIBE DVD-DAILY URL, for a shortened version with a link to the latest issue on our website.

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Submitted On: 1999-10-25


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