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The Coach-Parenting(TM) Newsletter - Use life coaching skills in your parenting

The Coach-Parenting(TM) Newsletter - Use life coaching skills in your
Do you know how parents often find themselves "stuck" in a parenting
situation, not knowing what to do next?
The Coach-Parenting(TM)
Newsletter provides numerous positive and flexible parenting ideas for
almost any parenting situation!
Coach-Parenting(TM) makes it easier to parent in a positive manner in all
The Coach-Parenting(TM) Newsletter is a free bi-weekly email newsletter
containing tips for using personal coaching skills in parenting.
skills give you ideas and viewpoints for interacting with your children,
but they do not tell you how to parent.
YOU get to decide how to best
apply the skills according to your situation, your children, and your
parenting values.
Coach-Parenting(TM) helps you more easily parent in the
manner that is most important to you!
Each issue describes one Coach-Parenting(TM) skill in detail and gives
examples of using it in parenting situations.
Extra articles describe how
parents can apply these skills to their own lives.
In addition, numerous
parenting and coaching resources are provided.
The Reader Question and
Comment section provides a place to have your parenting questions answered
and to share your experiences with other parents around the world.
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Submitted On: 2000-06-23


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