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The Care & Feeding of Empaths & Highly Sensitive Persons

Our Intentions for this monthly ezine is to co-create with you a resource that allows Empaths and Highly Sensitive Persons to tap into the Divine Guidance of our sensitivities in order to

1) attract more ease, effortlessness and creative flow into our lives;

2) ease the discomfort and pain of our sensitivities;

3) connect with other like-minded people who share our experiences around our sensitivities;

4) deepen our connection to our Authenticity and the Divine in ways that are safe for us; and,

5) discover how we share our unique and Authentic gifts with the world in a loving and protected manner.

We invite you to consider this ezine as a sacred space, a safe place, in which to explore, question, and learn from each other. We invite your continual feedback, suggestions and even your written sharings, if you are so guided.

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Owner: Carolyn Wilson-Elliott

Submitted On: 2005-07-05


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