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The Bible Exposed - Astonishing facts and truths revealed

The Bible Exposed - Astonishing facts and truths revealed:
Here you'll discover the bridge between biblical facts of life, the
principles of science and transform it to a more practical utilization,
answer questions of issues regarding faith, morality, life and science
through the verses of Bible, and discover some wrong practices, beliefs,
and doctrines of some of great religious rganizations of our time through
carefull analysis of the Bible.
Some of great articles includes:
*Bible and Science- The Perfect Harmony
*Why You Should not Believe that Jesus Christ was Born on December 25
According to the Bible.
*How You Can Identify False Preachers from True Ones Accoriding to the
*The Right Way of Using the Bible For Us to Be Saved According to the
*The Signs of the Coming of Christ
According to the Bible
And a lot more!
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Owner: Francisco Humarang, Jr.

Submitted On: 2001-01-25


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