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Thai Food

My love affair with Thai cuisine and culture began even before my first of more than 30 trips to Thailand. I have enjoyed adventure-some ethnic cooking since I was eleven and before my travels outside the US began. I now have traveled to 67 countries and my favourite culture and cuisine is still that of the land of smiles, The Kingdom of Thailand.

Thai food to me is the Italian of the Orient. It is a cuisine that uses the freshest ingredients possible; basil, chiles, garlic, an array of vegetables, meats and seafood. Cooking methods, in most cases, are quick stir fries in a wok, or quickly sautéed curries in a pot and very healthy and tasty.

Authentic Thai cuisine is the artful balance of salty, sweet, sour, spicy, and bitter.

I have been cooking Thai food for over 20 years, and have taught friends and family how to make simple, quick dishes of one of the most popular, exciting cuisines in the world.

I look forward to helping each of you who visit this site to take the step into the adventure of easy to prepare Thai recipes, and the tranquil beauty of the Thai culture.

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Owner: Mary-Anne Durkee

Submitted On: 2006-08-24


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