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Terrific Parenting - Parenting guidance based on latest research.

Terrific Parenting - Parenting guidance based on latest research.:
Painful parenting problems such as dealing with
- Tantrums
- Homework
- Bedtime
- Siblings and/or
- Disrespect
can be addressed more easily if you read "Terrific Parenting"
-- a FREE monthly newsletter that brings you proven, practical
"state of the art" parenting guidance.
Each issue --
- focuses on a specific topic about parenting,
- briefly reviews the existing research on the topic, and
- gives you a helpful, easy-to-read discussion of how you can
apply the research to practical, everyday parenting situations.
Written by Dr. Randy Cale, a licensed psychologist who has helped
hundered of families overcome their own unique challenges, TP will
bring you real solutions to your challenging parenting problems.
Dr. Cale is an author, trainer, child and family therapist, and
parenting coach.
If you're looking for natural, yet proven, strategies to help you
quickly improve your child's behavior, subscribe to "Terrific
Parenting" today.

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Submitted On: 1999-12-01


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