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SupportiveWives - A list for wives to come together for support

This list has one main purpose. A group for wives to get together and
support each other. To be there to list. Not to ignore one another in time
of need. To think before we type, to reread our post before we hit "send"
to make sure that it is something that is not hurtful, to love one another
and not put each other down, to be there for each other and become a close
group. The group will be limited to 50 members to keep it personal. After
we hit 50, there will be a waiting list made up. We will do many things
like secret wives, card lists, weekly topics and anything else. All topics
may be discussed but no flaming will be tolerated at all. There is a
three-strikes-and-you're-out rule here. So come in and introduce yourself.

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Owner: Gina B

Submitted On: 2001-05-02


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