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Success Without Struggle - Learn to attract success with ease

Success Without Struggle - Learn to attract success with ease:
The traditional model of success has often been based on spending a lot of
time and resources selling, seducing, promoting, and impressing others.
"Success Without Struggle" is a free newsletter designed to teach people
how to adopt a new way of achieving success; one that is based on the laws
of attraction. People attract to themselves situations and things that
mirror their personal energy.
This newsletter gives you proven
techniques on how to transform your energy into one that is irresistible
and attractive to others, resulting in the ability to effortlessly
magnetize opportunities, money, and success.
This newsletter is written by Margot Zaher, M.A., who is a Life and
Business Coach. She works with professionals, business owners, and
entrepreneurs to dramatically maximize their careers and quality of life.
In this newsletter, she will share with you some of the secrets she
employs as a coach to help her clients effortlessly achieve bottom line
success in both their professional and personal lives.

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Owner: Margot Zaher

Submitted On: 2000-08-08


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