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Street SmARTz - Mastering the Moment

Street SmARTz - Mastering the Moment:
The main goal of Street SmARTz is to assist you in "mastering the moment."
Street SmARTz is a metaphor for the innate natural intelligence available
to all. Most of us are familiar with the term "street smarts." Using
intuition and awareness,
Street SmARTz connects you with the present
moment in a powerful way.
The Street SmARTz group is developing written material including books and
articles, videos and cassettes that share the essence of what it means to
be street smart.
We are looking for people like ourselves, who believe in the innate
intelligence of the individual. The first draft of "Street
SmARTz...Mastering the Moment" has been completed. We are seeking feedback
regarding our ideas and descriptions of how you applied Street SmARTz in
your own life. The first 100 people to participate in this process will
receive a free autographed copy of the book when it is published.
Participants will receive by email, key ideas and concepts describing the
basic features of being Street SmARTz. All we ask of you share
your thoughts about Street SmARTz.
Be the first one on your block to get...Street SmARTz!

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Owner: Ken Mulligan

Submitted On: 2000-11-15


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