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SportsTalk - Where All Sports discussion is permitted

SportsTalk - Where All Sports discussion is permitted:
If you're new to Sports or been around forever, you are welcome to
participate on this list.
Questions about how things work? Ask 'em here!
Offended by the MegaBuck deals some ballplayers receive? Vent Here!
ANY Sport is open for discussion on this list. Baseball, football, soccer,
tennis, basketball, lacrosse, etc...We recognize that people have cross
interests and might want to discuss these interests.
We realize that tensions can run high, at we ask that you
remember that we are all people deserving of respect, as much as you are
:) So, when opinions clash and get out of control, please agree to
disagree and move on...
Thanks for an intro when you join! Please tell all your
friends about this list!

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Submitted On: 2001-01-02


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