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Spitfire's Hot Networking Tips The Secrets of Successful Networking:

What our your goals? To start your own business? Climb Mt. Everest? Make partner in your firm?

Whatever your goals are, there's a good chance you'll need somebody's help to reach them, and that's what networking is for. Your network will help you deal with everything from typos to tornadoes, and it often means the difference between success and failure. In fact, networking is such a vital skill that both MIT and the Harvard Business School have added networking classes to their MBA programs.

In this newsletter, you will find:

- How to make a great first impression
- How to work a room with ease, grace and efficiency
- 10 tips to become irresistible
- How to move from party pooper to party pro
- How to become a superstar in your career
- How to become a master communicator
- How to master the art of conversation
- How to excel at business development
- …And much, much more: The Spitfire Website ( is chock-full of free tips, articles, audio seminars and other goodies to help you become a master networker!

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