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Single Mothers' Survival Guide

Newsletter Helping Mothers Survive and Thrive
The Single Mothers' Survival Guide is a free newsletter for the
single mother. Our informative articles provide tips and resources
to make life more enriching for you and your family.
We focus on
ways to reflect on our experience of motherhood so that we can
re-create that experience, making it work better for us and for
our children!
The goal of our newsletter is not "How-to-parent";
rather it is a resource for addressing the experience of
mothering as a single person. Central to our vision is to break
the isolation that being a single mother can produce.
Know that
you don't have to "go it alone".
Develop effective life s
trategies through the shared experience of other single moms.
Share your tips, your struggles, your hopes and dreams.
Send us your stories.
We will respond.

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Owner: Elizabeth Bernier

Submitted On: 2001-08-15


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