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Self Brand Newsletter

You’ll learn how the branding principles and
strategies developed for the commercial
world can be used for people to achieve
their potential in career and personal
growth. In short, you are the brand. You’ll
find out what works and what doesn’t and
why. You’ll meet people from all walks of life
who started transforming their careers or
their lives by adopting a personal branding

A big focus of the newsletter is on personal
brand strategy: positioning yourself for the
best results and thinking strategically along
the way. Top entertainers, politicians and
athletes have long used strategy and
branding principles to create “stars.” Now,
personal or self branding is a process that
savvy professionals, business people and
entrepreneurs are using to be more
successful. If you study the lives of
successful entrepreneurs, well-known
business executives, politicians, performers
and the like, you’ll discover it wasn’t just
hard work or luck that were instrumental in
their achievement. Rather, it was the result
of a conscious process, a strategic branding
process, often with the assistance of
advisors, coaches and the like that
propelled their achievements and celebrity.

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Owner: Catherine Kaputa

Submitted On: 2005-11-17


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