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Secrets of Time - Understanding nature of past/present/future

Secrets of Time - Understanding nature of past/present/future:
The list is based upon the book Secrets of Time, The Past, Present, and
Future, by Jan Forbes, and will discuss and expand upon the themes and
ideas of the book, section by section. Discussions will include: how the
past can be changed; pictures of the past are living and one with the
present and future; point of balance between past, present and future; the
nature of the future and how to recognize it; enigmatic pictures of the
future; the eternal now; what really occurs in meetings with others; and
much more. The benefits to subscribers will be a means for enriching and
expanding their everyday lives and perceptions. Since Secrets of Time is a
workbook, contributions of participants can be added to the book for a
revised and expanded edition in the future.

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Owner: Martha Keltz

Submitted On: 2000-09-20


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