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Salubrations: Celebrating Salubrious Living - Health, Success, Fulfillment

Salubrations: Celebrating Salubrious Living - Health, Success, Fulfillment:
Salubrations-list is the mailing list for Salubrations: Celebrating
Salubrious Living, a news letter dedicated to promoting healthy, happy
living and fulfilling, rewarding lives. It is founded on the belief that
health is much more than the absence of disease; it is a progressive state
of joy and wellbeing that is experienced as individuals seek to optimize
their functioning, develop their gifts, and express their true selves.
Starting with good self-care and healthy lifestyle behaviors as the
foundation, featured topics will include smoking cessation, stress
management, time management, exercise and eating behaviors, sleep quality,
personal safety, goal setting, problem solving, and simplifying life, etc.
Extending beyond this foundation, more advanced topics will address
enhancing and balancing essential areas of life, including education/
career, social/ relationships, sexuality, spirituality, and leisure
pursuits. Finally, strategies for creating and living an extraordinary
life will be presented.
Salubrations will be published on a variable schedule throughout each
month. The in-depth presentations our readers have become accustomed to
will be interspersed with briefer "Quick Tips" on timely topics. In
addition, special quests will be featured from time to time as they present
on topics within their realms of demonstrated expertise. All information
will be presented concisely, accurately, with a user-friendly tone, and
with an emphasis on taking action. Resources related to topics presented
will be posted as available. In order to maintain quality, this is a
broadcast only list. To maintain integrity, this mailing list is strictly

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Owner: Dr. Tim Cline, PCC

Submitted On: 2000-02-11


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