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SMART BRIEFS - Busy people read SMART BRIEFS! :
Busy? Is your Email Inbox filling up with E-Zines you want
to read but can't seem to find the time to even open?
Subscribe to SMART BRIEFS. Even the busiest of the busy
open this E-Zine! We read articles written by some of the
Nets most read and respected " Gurus" on E-Commerce and
Net Business in general. We then provide you with a
capsulated version giving you the key points you need to
know right now. We even provide a link the original article
so you can read the article in it's full glory. There's
great information that you could be missing out on and now
you don't have to miss out at all. SMART BRIEFS with
content is published twice weekly on Tuesday and Thursday.
Each Saturday you'll receive our SMART BRIEF SUPPLIMENT
which will tell you what you can look forward to in the
upcoming issues. Work SMARTER not HARDER. SMART BRIEFS is
a Free opt-in only Ezine.

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