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Delivers messages for you to discover higher and higher spiritual and religious truth to clinch your SALVATION and raise your personal performance in this life to Olympian standards. You get discussions on how you use the enormous vitality of your own personal death to attain absolute authenticity, rationality, and high general personal performance.

You join in the defense of God and religion in the face of the ongoing conspiracy against good spirituality, religion and God, which it will regularly expose. You get tips and messages to increase your awareness on the urgent need for interfaith cooperation to fight this conspiracy and how best to do it to protect yourself, your faith, and humandkind.

You get powerful, provocative, stimulating, nicely controversial tips, messages, and discussions to (1) enable you understand, appreciate and respect the differences between the Abrahamic (revealed) religions of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism; (2) understand the concept of the UNITY of GOD, religion, and the universe and the advocacy of One God, One Religion; (3) participate in its scheme of FREE, ENLIGHTENED, and IMPARTIAL (rational) choice of religion and why, once you have made a rational choice, you must stick with your choice and even call (not force) others to it; (4) participate in and receive the benefits of love-based, decent discussions about which one, among religions, is the one most acceptable to God; (5) see the need for you to continue to search for higher and higher truth until death do you part.

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Owner: Dr Sani Udu

Submitted On: 2005-07-05


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