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Pokemon Parents - Support and discuss for gamers' parents

Pokemon Parents - Support and discuss for gamers' parents:
If you have kids these days, they're probably hopelessly
enthralled with Pokemon - cute little pickachu, squirtle,
bulbasaur and the like, and you're probably scratching your
head wondering:
- what the heck are these things!?
- why are they banned at school?
- do they really have to cost this much?
- does my kid really forfeit his cards if he loses a game (not!)
- what's all the fuss about? what, exactly, is this game about?
- etc.
This list is dedicated not only to answering these questions
(simply for the sake of saving your sanity) but also to helping
you gain an appreciation of the game itself. As a parent of
two avid young poke players, I've become a poke player myself
and have found the game fun and interesting. More importantly,
it's become a wonderful way for me to share a hobby and playtime
with my kids sans the often patronizing sense of yourself you get
when feigning interest in barbie's new outfit, etc.
The discussion has been great so far, please join in!

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