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Phil Lowe's Friday Alternative

The Friday Alternative is a free fortnightly 'virtual magazine column' written by creativity consultant Phil Lowe, which takes a sideways look at business and management issues. Benefits to readers are: 1)It will cheer you up at the end of the week 2) It will inspire you to look at different ways of approaching your life and work; 3) It will give you some new insights into why you and your organisation behave as you do - and what to do about it; 4)It will encourage you not to take the world of business too seriously.

Ideal audience: Anyone who works in a corporate environment, as manager, employee or consultant, and likes to take a creative view of the world.
Recent topics include: envisioning one's ideal job; why consultancy should be an official religion; how questions get used and misused; how to reduce all management wisdom into seven verses of haiku poetry; the wierd and illogical things that managers do; why it's so hard to be creative; why everyone seems to like things to be painful.

Recent endorsements from readers:
“I always appreciate your mixture of humour and wisdom. And once you have made me laugh I will automatically swallow any of the wisdom that follows.”

“How true this is! And very amusing…”

“A classic - inspired writing.”

“Great to read your regular columns! Keep up the witty work…! “
“Thanks for your stimulating articles - much appreciated.”

“The funniest yet - I do enjoy a good laugh - thank you so much!!”

“Thanks for keeping us entertained during the year with your friday alternative. it's always a joy to read.”
“You really do give the ‘Lowe down’ on ideas for business.”
“The Friday Alternatives always bring a smile to my face”

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Owner: Phil Lowe

Submitted On: 2005-07-12


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