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PC Helpmate -

Thu, 7 Sep 2000 16:30:20 -0500
PC Helpmate - Free computer advice for computer dummies:
Think youíre a computer dummy?
Need some free help and advice with your
computer problems?
Then PC Helpmate is for you!
Need to know how to install a new modem in your computer?
Wondering why
you canít print to your new printer?
You want a new computer, but donít
know what kind to buy or how much is too much for your needs?
All of these questions, and any other questions that you can think of,
will be answered, free of charge, by
PC Helpmate
Jonathan Leger.
his many years of experience as a computer hardware and software
troubleshooter work for you, free of charge!
Yes, free of charge!
Donít buy a
manual that will cost you $39
and talk over your head, and donít pay a PC technician $45-85 an hour to
fix a problem that you can fix yourself!
PC Helpmate and his team of
computer gurus are ready and willing to answer all of your questions in an
easy to understand way free of technical mubo-jumbo, and free of charge!

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Owner: Jonathan Leger

Submitted On: 2000-09-07


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