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Online Issues - Societal Implications of the Internet

Online Issues - Societal Implications of the Internet:
Be prepared to revolutionize the way you think about and use computing and
the Internet. Online Issues, the new FREE ezine from Cloud9 Technologies,
probes beyond the ordinary and brings you insightful commentary on how
technology, and in particular the Internet, is changing the fabric of our
Subscribers are encouraged to provide feedback, comments, and intellectual
intercourse on the ezine's message board. By offering this forum, we hope
to build an involved community of people who are excited and concerned
about what this dawning technology revolution means to ordinary people all
across the globe. Together with our subscribers, we will be documenting
one of the most exciting epochs in history as we discuss our changing
Come be a part of this new community. We welcome your thoughts, feedback,
and comments on how you think technology and the Internet will affect your
life and society as a whole.

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Owner: J. Marc McCloud

Submitted On: 2000-09-20


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