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Online Games Offer Endless Entertainment

Whether it is online or offline, from simple flash games to modern wonders computer games offer endless entertainment that have attracted an impressive mass of followers that are ready to go through the next achievement thus helping the industries to boom with success.

Online games have become a fertile ground where the gamers from different parts of the world meet and cultivate skills, thoughts of fellowship and useful interactions. This is possible all because of technology otherwise it would have been impossible even to imagine to interact thousands of other people of different places online with the help of online games with tip of your fingertips.

Computer games comes in different categories each with its own distinctive features, although the main aim of maximum computer games is to defeat the evil through several options, in variable environment offered by the game itself. Let us find out the distinctive features of the different types of online computer games that differentiate one game from the others.

1. Real Time Strategy game for example likes Starcraft and the Warcraft series usually requires building a strong empire with enough fighting force to overcome the enemy. This game has 2 faces: one is the battle military face and the other is the economical one from where you need to reap resources in order to support different military units capable of running a war.

2. First Person Shooter for example the Doom and Quake franchises is provided with different weapons to win over the evil. In this game you have a 1st person view that involves watching the game environments as you would if you were actually there.

3. Role Playing Game that initially starts with a weak character that gradually become stronger and stronger by gaining experiences as you progress through the game battling different monsters. The most universally accepted game of this type is World of Warcraft, which has an impressive community worldwide. The main purpose of this type of game is to win over the evil. MMORPG (massive multiplayer online RPG) is the recent development made on RPG in which thousands of people fight online in a usually vast world in which you can do anything you want: fight monsters, complete quests, fight other players, and gain experience as you progress through the game.

There are various other types of games like racing games, sport games, adventure games, action games and many other types of games that has truly placed computer games into the group of top level entertainment.

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