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New ZipResponse Micro-Zines - 13 new daily e-mail publications

New ZipResponse Micro-Zines - 13 new daily e-mail
ZipResponse Micro-Zines save time, add ease and make
e-mail fun again. Owner, Kim Skinner is convinced that
there is more to e-mail than wading through piles of spam,
(Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail). "When people connect to
the web for the first time, one of the most exciting
aspects for them is receiving e-mail," she says. "But
eventually, it becomes a tedious chore to most. They end
up deleting more than they read, and throwing up their
hands in disgust. It shouldn't be that way. E-mail should
be fun."
Therefore, Ms. Skinner has taken it upon herself to create
ZipResponse.Com, an "Entertainment E-Mail Provider."
Offering 13 different publications, Subjects range from
daily cooking tips to entertainment news to jokes and trivia.
Currently, during their Grand Opening, ZipResponse.Com is
offering numerous free software programs to new subscribers.

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Owner: Kim Skinner, ZipResponse

Submitted On: 1999-11-02


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