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Narcissism Revisited - Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)

Narcissism Revisited - Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD):
Pathological narcissism is believed by many researchers to be the
foundation of many personality disorders.
Almost two years ago, I established a narcissism announcement list. We
already have 770 members. The list is intended to help narcissists learn
about their problems, those affected by narcissists and their behaviors to
get help and support and professionals to exchange relevant literature.
subscription), please send a blank email to:
1) Go to my main page
or )
(2) Scroll down until you see the ListBot sign
(3) Check "subscribe"
(4) Type in your e-mail address
(5) Click "Join"
(6) Follow the instructions and fill in your password and details
(7) You will receive an e-mail notification. Please respond to it (it
contains instructions on how to do it).
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Owner: Sam Vaknin

Submitted On: 2000-12-18


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