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Nadejda Zaharieva - Southeast Europe Economic Forum

Nadejda Zaharieva - Southeast Europe Economic Forum:
We are interested to promote the up-coming event we are organising in your
The forth edition of the Forum will be dedicated to the following main
Economic Growth in South East Europe ­ Re-igniting the Engine
Security, Social, Institutional Aspects
The Globalization Process­ Participants or Viewers? Regional Dimensions of
the Process. Security Aspects and Economic Prospects.
The Stability Pact in the Balkans ­ A Year Later. The Road Ahead. The
Investment Charter of the Region.
The Public Infrastructure­ Constraints of the National Approach.
Transport, Energy and Telecommunications ­ Coincidence and Differences in
Regional and Global Trends.
Evaluation criteria in the selection for commercial and government
financing ­ range of overlapping.
European Integration ­ the Regional Dimension. The Different Speed and
Tracks in the Accession ­ a Boon or a Bane?
Integrating Societies. Are We Prepared to Think Globally and Act Locally ­
the Ghosts of the Past. The Gravity in Thinking versus New Horizons of the
Competitiveness or How to Remain Afloat? The Policy of Individual
Countries and the Regional Framework.
Corruption­ the Sin Confessed or the Infantile Malaise of Reforms in
Transition Countries.
Media and the Region ­ Perceptions and Reality..
The Real and Financial Sectors ­ Will They Ever Work in Synchrony? The
Impact of the Euro.
Employment and Growth ­ Ambitions and Realities. Development of the Labour
Market. The New Role of Social Partners in the Policy Development.
Information Technologies ­ the Added Value in the Sector.
Telecommunications ­ the Overlap between Global and Regional Trends

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Owner: Bulgaria Economic Forum

Submitted On: 2000-07-19


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