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MsFinancialSavvy eNews

Our newsletter is about change. Change to improve something good, or
bringing good to something bad. We aim to change the financial, health, and
emotional makeup of womens lives.

MsFinancialSavvy's main goal is to teach women how to become more proficient
with money and business skills. Statistics show that single and divorced women
and mothers, are a major part of our nations poor, we intend to change that.

We have eleven host writers and more ready to start, who bring weekly news about
one of the major channels on our website. The major channels are Business, Career,
College, Computers, Inspire, Investing, Jakes Place, Money, Real Estate, and Retirement.
Are writers are both male and female.

Join our newsletter and use our calculators, financial news, many financial tutorials,
stock quotes, free printable forms and more. We also have message boards and chat to
fill in the gaps if you need claification on any concepts. Some of our subchannels include;
home buying, savings, mutual funds, stocks, business peak performance, business collections,
travel budgeting, and many more. Join our newsletter and get current articles about
information pertinent to your life. Receive a free eCoure "How To Maintain Income During Bad Times and Good", when you subscribe to our newsletter.

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Owner: Lois Center-Shabazz

Submitted On: 2005-11-10


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